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The Last of Us: Big on Zombies and Big on Heart

When it comes to horror games, zombie anything automatically gets me going. Scary games make up at least half of my collection. It started when at age 10, I struggled through the first Resident Evil survival horror game and lost quite a few nights of sleep. I’m not the only one. Zombie-themed games like Dead […]

Scary Video Games and the Insane

Introduction I have always been fascinated by scary themes in general and scary video games in particular. This is because of the three main primary factors of the scary video games allure. To start with, there is tension which is created through suspense, mystery, gore, shock, or terror. Second, there is relevancy of scary themes […]

Immersion and Dead Space

Immersion, this is something which many players, including me, have been demanding in the Sci-Fi horror games continuously. Like most others, I need to feel the ‘need’, to dismember fictional creatures which live in the outer space trying to dominate our crafts. Most of the times recently, I did it either just to survive a […]

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